Who is dflo?

Dan Florio is a musician and a techie who studied at the University of Hartford/Hartt School of Music, from which he graduated in 2012 with a degree in acoustics and music. As a musician, he likes to experiment with different instruments, specializing in guitar and dabbling in mandolin, ukulele, vocals, percussion, and piano. While his musical writing style changes quite often, he can often be caught writing gentle acoustic folk, funky experimental rock, and soundtracks meant for video games, movies, or other forms of entertainment. As a techie, he is interested in acoustic engineering, computers, and a touch of programming. He attempts to use this technical knowledge to aid his musical creations by working with several different music recording and editing software, as well as producing somewhat intricate YouTube videos.

His interest in music theory, songwriting, and music in general has led him to start the blog, “dflosounds”, which provides him with a small portion of the internet where he can post his thoughts and ideas on the matter.

If you’re looking to get in touch, he can be reached at dflosounds@gmail.com.

Please also take a moment to visit his website at www.danflorio.com.


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