In light of several changes happening in my life at the moment, I’d like to share my updates and plans for the future.

These last two months have been the busiest months I’ve been through for a long time. I’ve been bouncing around between my part time acoustics job, an IT support job, an internship at a music composing company, helping a few friends record their CDs, and writing my own music. As evidenced by the dates of my latest posts, this sporadic schedule has taken its toll on my blogging. I originally started this blog with the intention of keeping people updated on my musical endeavors, but it has clearly turned into more of a music theory tutorial site than anything.

If writing this blog has taught me anything, it’s that I absolutely love explaining things to people. I believe that the final step in learning a topic is being able to explain it to someone else in a clear way. I also believe that no topic is too basic to revisit. While writing any tutorial post I have to double-check my facts and give myself a little refresher on the topic. I often learn something new even when I refresh myself on something that I feel confident with. This is just another reason for me to keep doing these tutorials, whether they are music related or not. This blog has also shown me that there are plenty of ways I can improve my writing. I look back at older posts every now and then and practically cringe! I always feel as though I’m improving, and there is still much more room for that.

“Alright, what’s your point?”

I’ve done quite a bit of thinking about my plans/dreams/goals for this blog, and I’ve decided that it’s in desperate need of some updating. I plan on either buying it a domain so that I can ditch the “.wordpress.com” extension, or fusing it to the website I currently own, which is www.danflorio.com. Once I make this site more “official”, I want to reorganize my posts to focus more on the tutorials. This would mean editing and reformatting older posts to give them a more professional look, and making them more accessible. My goal is to put together a community for people to learn and discuss with each other, rather than a blog format where posts are scattered all about.

Along with a massive blog reformatting, I’ve considered writing a music theory book geared towards absolute beginners, and/or developing some sort of music theory app.

“So what does this mean? No more posts on this blog?”

For the time being I still plan on tossing up a few posts here and there on this particular blog, but they will remain fairly scarce for a while until I really get my act together. Until that time, I’m still happy to go over any requested topics, so please let me know if you have any! You can post them here, email them to me (dflosounds@gmail.com), send me a tweet (@danfloriomusic), or post on my Facebook page.

Now stop reading this and go back to playing some music.


Project updates and other general chatter

Hello, readers!

First of all, I’ve notice a very slight, yet steady increase in average daily views over the last few months, which is pretty sweet. Thanks to all of you who check back regularly! I originally started this blog to post updates on my current projects, so let me do some of that right now.


The next series I plan to post about is on ear training. Topics like learning how to distinguish the different intervals (major 3rd, minor 7th, etc), scales, and chords all by ear. If you’re not familiar with ear training, I strongly suggest looking into it.


I’ve been working on a backing track for Tiana McKelvy (http://www.tianamckelvy.com/) which will be finished by the end of this week. It’s sort of a rock/R&B/pop feel, and so far includes acoustic/electric guitar, bass, drums, djembe, egg shakers, tambourine, keyboard, and mandolin (and of course eventually her vocals). I’ve got a few more friends lined up who want tracks made for them, but if you or anyone you know is interested in one, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at dflosounds@gmail.com!


Over the last few months I’ve been cooking up some ideas for my new album. I’ve been drawing a tremendous amount of inspiration from New York City since I’ve been living here, and I’m sure a lot of that will show up in the music and lyrics. Once in a while I take my mandolin over to central park and improvise for one or two hours at a time, which has so far led to one mandolin-heavy track. What are the main differences between these new songs and the tracks on my first CD, you ask? Well, more djembe, more guest musicians, a little more focus on musicality, and a wider range of styles/energy level between the tracks. Also, I plan on doing 90% of the recording myself, which will pose quite a big challenge that I’m pretty excited to tackle.

So far I have roughly eight ideas for songs, with three or four in an almost-completed state. It’s chuggin’ along.

Again, thanks for all of your support thus far. I’ll close this update with a bit of self advertising. As always if you like what you read, see, or hear, please consider supporting me by following/liking my various pages!