New album in the works, plus other general updates

For the last few months I have been upgrading my recording gear, helping a friend record a CD, and expanding my acoustics experience at my part time job in Manhattan.

The project I helped record was for my friend Ryan Pappolla. He writes his own lyrics to popular rap songs and records over their backing tracks (he also gets his friends to record the vocal choruses). While this isn’t necessarily my scene, I had a lot of fun working on it. His enthusiasm and passion for what he does truly makes these covers unique and very entertaining. You can hear the finished product on his bandcamp page.

Working on that project made me realize how badly I need an equipment upgrade. I brought my laptop, preamp, and vocal mic to his house to record his rap vocals as well as his friends who sang on the songs. I then mixed and mastered everything through headphones back at my apartment. All things considered, I don’t think it came out half bad! However it was still frustrating to work under such improvised conditions, and I am now working on some upgrades.

Armed with a new pair of studio monitors, I’m currently making a home studio out of the room back at the house I grew up in. It’s here that I plan to track most of the instruments for my next album.

This album will be much more ambitious than Big Thoughts in a Small Place, with a goal of 10 to 12 songs of which I will attempt to do a majority of the recording and producing (I am sure I will call upon the help of my very talented friends along the way). I also plan to make a Kickstarter in order to fund any necessary expenses.

Stylistically, I’m looking to make this new album a little livelier and more experimental than my first, while still maintaining that folky vibe. I definitely have a challenging road ahead, but I’m excited to move forward.

I’d like to thank anyone who has been keeping up to date with my blog, and would encourage you to spread the word. It would mean a great deal to me if you could recommend any posts to your friends. I also want to remind you guys that if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to respond to any of the posts. I’d like to get to know ya.

Take care and hope you’ve had a swell Father’s Day!