New Video: June Hymn (Cover)

My latest YouTube video is a collaboration with my friend Ashly LaRosa. This is a cover of the song “June Hymn” by The Decemberists. Finding a moment when there were no intruding sounds in the distance while recording outside proved to be incredibly difficult.

Stay tuned for the next music theory post!


4 comments on “New Video: June Hymn (Cover)

  1. liv4music says:

    …I do love The Decemberists. This was a great cover! How did all the components of the video come together?

    • dflomusic says:

      Thanks again. We were going to record together in one room but our schedules never lined up, so we had to do everything remotely. I started by recording my guitar/vocal part at my house, getting the video and audio at the same time. I sent the audio track to her, and she used it to layer her vocal, ukulele, and melodica tracks while recording video as well. She then sent me the tracks she recorded and I mixed everything together into the master track you hear in the video. As I did with the Abysmal Attitude video, I spliced all the videos together using Adobe Premiere, and used the mastered audio track as the audio for the video. It was all just a matter of lining the videos up so they matched the music.

  2. liv4music says:

    I have been revisiting this video every week. It’s the perfect break from school work.

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