EP to be completed soon

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated this blog, so I figured I should post something about my upcoming EP to help influence me to make more posts.

The “Brush It Off to the Wind” EP will consist of 6 original solo works, comprised mostly of a mixture of folk, alternative, and a dash of funk. Honestly, the most difficult thing about this release was deciding what songs would be included. I usually never stick to a single style for too many songs and I love to experiment with something new quite often.

While the songs are all fairly different from each other, I tried to keep some similarities between them all. Each song contains different aspects of the main theme of the EP, which is breaking away, letting go from something, or someone, that has been holding you back. While it may be a little cliche, I really feel comfortable with this theme, since it relates to me and almost seems fitting for a first “official” release as a singer-songwriter.

As far as instrumentation goes, I stick with a pretty consistent use of acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin, and percussion. There are a few other instruments thrown in, such as piano and electric guitar, but they are particular to a few songs. Currently, two songs are done, and I’ll (hopefully) be recording the other four songs all at once during this upcoming weekend. When the dust clears and the music is finished, I’ll be officially releasing the whole EP on my Bandcamp page. There will be two options, a digital download of all the songs, which will be donation-based (yes, you can even choose $0.00! I wouldn’t mind, trust me.), or a physical copy, including a fancy CD sleeve with album artwork by my good friend Alex Krokus (check out his incredibly rad art blog here). I haven’t decided on an official price for the physical CD, but my guess is it will be around $7.00.

Come back often for more updates on the progress of this EP if you’re interested! For the most up-to-date news, continuously hit the “refresh” button until you faint (Disclaimer: That was a joke. I am not responsible if you faint).


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