Introduction: What am I up to?

The purpose of this blog is to provide a central location for all of my music projects. You can head on over to the “Who is dflo?” page to find out anything about me that you desire I desired to post. You can also check out the “What is dflosounds?” page for another brief description of this blog.

As of now, the two main music projects I’m working on are getting an EP recorded and writing music that will hopefully be used for web games (including web games that I’m working on myself). Yes, I also have a geek/tech side and I plan to whip up a blog revolving around that as well.

In a few weeks I’ll (hopefully) be in a studio recording my EP. For those of you unfamiliar with what an EP is, click on this shiny wikipedia link. It will consist of a mixture of alternative rock and folk. I love playing and writing in several different styles, which is why I’ve taken so long to throw together a single collection of songs. I’m hoping that this EP will mark the end of my indecisiveness and the beginning of getting my name out there.

A tiny bit of history:

Back in high school, I worked pretty hard on a ridiculous concept album called The Blue Note Chronicles of the Man With No Feet. My friend came up with the title, saying it would make a cool song title. I told him (half jokingly) that I’d make it an entire concept album. The weeks went by and the ideas grew. My friends and I started to come up with an insane story to fit the insane title, and I started writing some music. It was all very psychedelic prog-rock material, which was supposed to contain lyrics that could be interpreted as normal songs on their own, but also map out a satisfyingly epic storyline when put together. Unfortunately, as high school came to an end, progress on the album quickly fizzled away. I desperately tried to keep the project afloat through my freshman and sophomore year in college, but it eventually came to a complete stand-still. You can check out some of the recorded content on my bandcamp page. I don’t know if I’ll ever complete the project, but I sure hope I will.

Anyway, this leads into where I am now with my personal music. After discovering how difficult it is to record a full-blown album (concept album at that) with a group of musicians, I decided to lower the bar a little bit. That’s what led me to focus more on an EP of my own music. Eventually I hope to get a group of people together to play this music I’m writing, but for now I just need to get it written and recorded. I’ll use this blog to share my experience and progress with whoever is bored interested enough to read.


One comment on “Introduction: What am I up to?

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